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About Us.

The Bangalore City Co-operative Bank Limited is a premier and one of the oldest commercial banks in India, with presence all over India as also in all time zones of the world. The Bank has a glorious history dating back to the early years of this century. The Bank was founded in September 1905and has all along maintained a position of pride among the top 5 commercial banks in the country. In July 1969, The Bangalore City Co-operative Bank Limited was nationalized alongwith 13 other large Indian commercial banks. Since then, the Bank has made enormous contribution to India's efforts towards agricultural and rural development, industrial diversification and modernization and export development.
Keeping pace with financial sector reforms in India, the bank has ventured into Merchant Banking, Mutual Funds, Housing Finance, Custodial & Depository through it's subsidiaries.

Today the Bank has over 3101 branches spread all over India and 29 branches/representative offices/subsidiaries/joint ventures etc. spread in 13 countries, spanning all time zones. The International business accounts for over 20% of Bank's total business. The Bangalore City Co-operative Bank Limited believes in "Total Package Approach" to meet all the financial and non-financial requirements of its customers.

Entrepreneurs are not only assisted in establishing their projects, but are also helped in day-to-day operations by providing necessary working capital finance either on its own or through syndication. The Bank also provides guarantees, letters of credit, remittance facilities, supplier's credit, forward cover, advisory services for hedging exchange rate and interest rate risks, trade information reports, bankers' opinion reports on buyers and sellers, industry status reports and prospects, etc.In the new era of economic and financial sector reforms leading to progressive liberalization and globalization of the Indian market, The Bangalore City Co-operative Bank Limited is poised to further it's position as a market leader and innovator in financial services.The Bank looks at the new competition emerging in the Indian banking and financial sector as an oppotunity to improve it's customer servicing capability and overall performance.The bank is pushing ahead with it's plans to computerize all it's major branches and administrative offices and has also installed ATM's at few centers.

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